Is your Medical Practice Website Design a Success or a Failure?
Why you need a New Website Design? What can make a website a popular visitor's haven while another website suffers from poor traffic? Is it just the design, or is it the content, or is there any other element at work here? Even to the untrained eye, the look, feel, and general layout of a website matters; what the website can offer by way of reader value also matters. The design of your healthcare practice website, content appeal, social media…
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  • Things you can do to Enhance Patient Loyalty
    Most marketers agree that one existing customer is better than two new ones. A patient who is loyal to a medical practice will spread the good word about the practice and be responsible for bringing several new patients to the practice over time. Making efforts to win patient loyalty will always be rewarded in more ways than what a doctor or a medical marketer can imagine. It pays to focus on building patient loyalty by way of improved and personalized…
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  • October 2014

    Online Reputation Management — Is your Practice On-board?
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  • Center for Dermal Research Sponsor of the Year Award Presented to Galderma
    The NJ Center for Biomaterial’s Center for Dermal Research presented Peter Nicholson and at Galderma with the CDR’s Sponsor of the Year Award at its 2nd Annual Innovations in Dermatological Sciences on October 8, 2014 at the Heldrich Hotel, 10 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ. Galderma is a company that is committed to delivering innovative medical solutions to meet the dermatological needs of people throughout their lifetime while serving healthcare professionals around the world. They have been committed to dermatology…
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  • Online dermatologic follow-up for atopic dermatitis earns equivalent results
    An online model for follow-up care of atopic dermatitis, better known as eczema, that gave patients direct access to dermatologists resulted in equivalent clinical improvement compared to patients who received traditional in-person care, a study finds. There are not enough dermatologists in the United States to meet the demand for services. Teledermatology is a chance to improve access to care. Read Full Article
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