Is your Medical Practice Website Design a Success or a Failure?
Why you need a New Website Design? What can make a website a popular visitor's haven while another website suffers from poor traffic? Is it just the design, or is it the content, or is there any other element at work here? Even to the untrained eye, the look, feel, and general layout of a website matters; what the website can offer by way of reader value also matters. The design of your healthcare practice website, content appeal, social media…
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  • Things you can do to Enhance Patient Loyalty
    Most marketers agree that one existing customer is better than two new ones. A patient who is loyal to a medical practice will spread the good word about the practice and be responsible for bringing several new patients to the practice over time. Making efforts to win patient loyalty will always be rewarded in more ways than what a doctor or a medical marketer can imagine. It pays to focus on building patient loyalty by way of improved and personalized…
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  • October 2014

    Online Reputation Management — Is your Practice On-board?
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  • MELA Sciences Names Michael R. Stewart Its Next President and CEO
    MELA Sciences, Inc. (Nasdaq:MELA), developer of the MelaFind® system, a non-invasive software-driven image analysis device approved for use in the U.S. and the European Union to assist dermatologists in melanoma diagnosis, today announced that its Board of Directors has named Michael R. Stewart, 57, as the company's next President and Chief Executive Officer, effective December 15.Read Full Article
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  • Patient sues over medical record copy fees
    Dr. A and his associates Drs. B and C all provided medical care to John Doe. This medical care was provided to Doe over the course of 12 years for his recalcitrant psoriasis. At various times Doe presented with localized psoriasis; at other times he was hospitalized for near total-body erythroderma. Unfortunately he eventually suffered from a complication from one of the various biologic agents he took to control his chronic recalcitrant psoriasis.Read Full Article
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