Google+ Hangout on Air for Doctors – Possibilities and Potential
Google+ Hangouts on Air offers doctors with fantastic possibilities and potential for reaching out and connecting with a potential patient base. Why Google+ Hangouts for Doctors Google + Hangouts on Air is an easy to use video conferencing tool. Doctors can share slides just like how you would in a traditional format with an added fun element – viewers can see you which allows for a more interpersonal event thus enhancing the all-around experience for all your attendees. Save Time:…
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  • SEO - SEO Expert for your Medical Practice
    How to Choose the Right SEO Expert for your Medical Practice?
    Most doctors are too busy managing the responsibilities of their practice to find the necessary time for dedicated SEO handling for their website. In some cases, the doctor may employ in-house staff to perform search engine optimization, but it may not yield the kind of results that would help the practice edge past the local competitors in search engine rankings. In such cases, it may be a good idea to hire the services of a professional SEO expert. The doctor…
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  • August 2014

    Using Pinterest for your Dermatology or Health care Practice
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  • NICKEL-2-tmagSF - Nickel Allergies
    Nickel Allergies on Rise as Devices Meet Skin
    As wearable devices become more popular, some doctors and consumers have expressed concerns about a lack of regulatory oversight to monitor the frequency of skin allergies and other reactions to certain metals or plastics used in the products. Nickel, one of the most common allergens in the United States, can be found in things like hand-held devices and jewelry. But unlike Europe, the United States has no restrictions on its widespread use in consumer products. That worries some doctors who…
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  • Ethnic differences in objective and subjective skin irritation response: an international study
    #Skin-Research-and-Technology Background Due to global marketing in the #cosmetics-industry, it is important to assess ethnic population susceptibility when evaluating the safety of cosmetic products or chemicals. Objectives To investigate #ethnic-variations in skin irritation response to positive irritants. Methods Clinical testing was performed in four countries on two ethnic groups – Asian and Caucasian. We performed patch tests on the subjects’ back with 0.5% aqueous sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and 0.15% retinol prepared in 1,3-butylene glycol. Stinging tests were performed using…
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